Emery’s Helmet Journey-Part 1

Wednesday, March 29th, Emery got her helmet and our journey with it officially began. This process has been hard on me at times but I KNOW that this is what is best for our girl and as her parents, we will always do what’s best! So I wanted to share our story in hopes that it might reach someone else that might need it. Someone whose child might need a helmet and they are struggling with that. Or even for people who, like me, were just uneducated on baby helmets. Now, I’m not saying that I know everything and there are definitely more reasons out there for needing helmets. I’m just here to share our story, nothing more and nothing less. So I’ll start at the beginning…

Leading up to finding out that Emery needed a helmet:

Around 2 months old Brad and I noticed that Emery was mostly only looking one direction and when lifting her head up, it would only tilt one way. We were both concerned but didn’t bring anything up to a doctor just yet. We simply started softly turning her head the direction she wouldn’t turn it on her own and we would place toys on the side she didn’t like to look. After just a couple of days of doing these things, she improved a ton and to be honest it hasn’t been an issue since! Now that I’m on this side of things and have done some more research I have learned that the issue I just described is known as torticollis. This basically just means that her neck muscles were really tight and it was causing her to only look one way. So the stretching we did really helped! To help give you a visual, imagine when you wake up and realize you slept on your neck wrong. It’s hard to turn it one direction because your muscles are so tight. That’s what was happening with her.

I believe that she had this longer than I realized which resulted in her flat spot on the back right side of her head. She favored that side of her head which meant that she laid on it more than the other side. Also, Emery is such a happy and content baby who loves her personal space and is a pretty great sleeper. These things caused her to be on her back which just added pressure to the spot that she favored.

Brad will tell you he noticed her flat head around 2 months old. If I’m being honest, I will tell you the same thing. But I will also tell you that I was in denial about how flat her head actually was. I just didn’t want to think that it was flat, so I just ignored it. Well around her 4 month well check visit I noticed a spot in the back of her head that seemed a little indented. I mentioned it to her pediatrician and she said she wasn’t overly concerned but wanted to refer us to a plastic surgeon at Children’s Mercy Hospital just to be on the safe side. They are the doctors that deal with head shape and they would be able to tell us if this was something to be concerned about. This instantly made me anxious but CMH got us in quickly and I was hopeful!

The appointment that told us she would need the helmet:

Seeing the plastic surgeon went quickly. He came in and asked us what was up and I told him that I was concerned about the indentation in her head. He looked at me and said that was just a soft spot and nothing to worry about. The only reason we could see it though was cause her head was so flat and that she’d need a helmet. He said he would send in the Orthotist and she’d talk to us about the helmet and get Emery fitted for it. I was in shock as they moved us to another room. I just wasn’t prepared for this news.

Shannon, the Orthotist, came in to talk with us. She was SO kind!! She explained what a helmet was and how it helps. She had one to show us so that we could feel it and look it over. Then she explained that she was going to take some measurements to see how Emery’s head was shaped and if she’d need a helmet. I immediately became hopeful that her measurements wouldn’t be severe and we could opt out of doing the helmet. That was definitely not the case as 2 out of 3 of the measurements they take were severe.

The first measurement they took was from her ear to her eye. They should be the same distance on both sides. Her right side was slightly smaller than her left side but that measurement was just mild. The second measurement was from side to side vs front to back. The measurement from front to back should be longer than the side to side measurement. Her head measured longer from side to side than front to back, so the opposite of what it needs to be. The third measurement was the diagonals of her head. So front right to back left vs. front left to back right. These measurements should be as close to the same as possible and her measurement was 12mm apart.

Shannon left the office to take care of some insurance stuff and I lost it. I just knew that this was all my fault! I was the worst mom. I didn’t hold my baby enough and it caused her head to become severely flat. I was devastated and just started sobbing to Brad telling him what an awful mom I was.

Well I’m pretty sure Shannon saw me about to lose it before she left the office cause next thing we know the plastic surgeon had come back into the room. He apologized for the shock of all of this and talked me down. I told him that this was all my fault and he quickly and confidently reassured me that it was most definitely not my fault. Now I’ll be honest, that felt so great to hear but took a long time to actually sink in. I think as moms we’re all doomed to feel like it’s our fault if anything is wrong with our children. He assured me that this was purely cosmetic and if we didn’t want to get the helmet we most definitely didn’t have to! That was so great to hear but I already knew what we needed to do. It wasn’t fair to not get her the helmet which was in her best interest just because of my own insecurities and what people would say and think.

So we left the office that day knowing that no matter what insurance said about covering it, we were going to get Emery the helmet and do what was best for her long term. We had things that we needed to do to see if they helped at all–switching the side we changed her diaper and clothes on, switching her in her bed so she’d look to her left instead of her right and we switched her and Sadie in the car. All of these changes made her look to her left more than to her right since that was the side she favored and was flatter. We also had an appointment set up 2 weeks from then to measure her head again and scan it to get the helmet ready. We would also find out if insurance was going to cover the cost of the helmet. We were hopeful they would since her measurements were severe. So Brad went back to work and I headed home to start processing everything.

Details on her next appointment/scan and week 1 to come…


Choosing Real

Choosing Real

By: Bekah Jane Pogue

This book has been such a great read for me. It has provided nourishment for my soul when I needed to take a step back. It has brought me back to reality and how “real” is so much better. I just finished this book today during nap time. I’m so incredibly thankful that my girls went down for naps within 20 minutes of each other. I had told several people that I just don’t want to do this “mom thing” today. Most days being a mom is seriously everything that I want. But there is that .1% of the time that it just overwhelms me and I don’t want to. I feel so childish typing that out but it’s the truth. Please tell me I’m not alone in that?!


Something that I read today that really hit me was, “What’s more important: getting through it or living in it?” Bam. That hit me strong-especially today! Today I was just barely getting through it. That is NOT how I want to live my life. I don’t want to live day to day just getting through. What kind of life is that?? I want to LIVE IN the moments of every day. They may not go like I had “planned” but who cares?! (well I normally do but it’s something I’m working on 😉 ). I want to really live life. I want to enjoy the moments that I get with my girls.

One of the chapters talks about epic moments. They are the moments that may not come to your mind right away. They are the every day moments.

  • Sitting down at Sadie’s play table and pretending to eat her Play-doh concoctions with her.
  • Putting everything down to turn up the music and have a dance party with Sadie in the living room or kitchen.
  • Having Sadie read me a book while I’m going to the bathroom because that’s what I do when she’s trying to potty.
  • Putting everything down during Sadie’s nap to talk and coo with Emery.
  • Picking up the toys in the evening and doing the dishes so that I can wake up to a clean home in the mornings.
  • Watching tv while Brad falls asleep on the couch next to me.
  • Cooking dinner with Brad in the evenings as Sadie tries to climb up us to “help”.

These are the moments that I want to live IN and not through. I don’t want to miss out on these small moments. These are the moments that my girls will grow up remembering the most. These are the moments that I am going to hold the most dear as they get older.


Bekah Pogue also says in the book, “And today, most likely, will overflow with ordinary moments. What it won’t hold is another chance to celebrate it, to dance into its fabulous averageness, to grab your babes and whisk them around the kitchen, to look into the eyes of a spouse who knows you through and through and whisper, “I’d choose you again. Even when it’s hard.”‘

So I encourage you today to live IN the moments. Dance into the fabulous averageness! Don’t wish this season/stage/chapter away. Live IN it. Soak in the moments. LOVE the people around you. Let them know you care about them. Stop focusing on what isn’t going right and start focusing on how wonderful these moments truly are! 

I love you friends-Choose Real!

xo kylie


*PS. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone!! I will say there was a chapter that I skipped altogether because it was not holding my attention but oh my goodness, such a good book!

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Sample Meal Plan

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. I have been busy trying to figure out what works best for me schedule wise with two little ones at home now and running my awesome challenge groups/learning new things through videos/books/blogs for professional development. I do want to start getting on here more consistently though, so you can start looking for me again!

Today I’m hopping on here to share my meal plan for the week with you all. I’ve found that one of the biggest reasons for not eating better is simply not knowing what to eat. So I’m here to help in any way needed!

Copy of Meal Plan

Here is the link that will take you to a viewing only image of my weekly meal plan. You will find in the upper left hand corner the calorie bracket that this is for. This meal plan is also based on the 21 Day Fix meal plan B. I have provided my snacks as well as meals + the containers that each food would count for.

Is there something specific that you’re looking for and would like some help with? Let me know and I’d be happy to write on the topic or help you individually. If you’re interested in joining one of my challenge groups where we share recipes and meal plans weekly-contact me for more info on that! Have a great day everyone 🙂

xo kylie


Tis the Season to be….Thankful

Wait….what?! Doesn’t the song go, “Tis the season to be jolly…???” Why yes it does, but you know this season isn’t always jolly for everyone.

This time of year can be beautiful for many but can also be oh so hard for others. Maybe it’s a combination of both for you this year. This season many of us are celebrating without loved ones-whether they have passed away, are serving, we’ve lost touch, the adoption hasn’t gone through yet, or whatever it may be for you. Others may be struggling financially or emotionally due to present circumstances. Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean that everything is all of a sudden wonderful for everyone.

This year I want to challenge you to view this season as a season to be thankful. Whatever your circumstances may be, I ask that you take a step back and look at all of the good in your life. I promise if you look hard enough, you will find it. I want you to step back and think of the people around you. Maybe you know what they are going through, maybe you don’t. Is there something that you could do for them? Maybe make them some cookies or a cute craft. Or could you run an errand for them or help shovel their driveway?


Often times, when I can step away from my own circumstances and start looking at others and what I can do for them, it’s actually a blessing for me as well. I have the chance to serve someone else and get out of my own mind and what my circumstances are. When I stop and try to put someone else before me, I notice that I start seeing my circumstances through different eyes. I actually realize the ways in which I’m blessed and I start be more thankful than any other feeling. Are the other feelings still there? YES. Did my circumstances change? Probably not. What did change then do you ask?….My perception of the situation.

I want you to step back and think about WHY this holiday is even here. Do you know the true meaning and reason behind Christmas? Jesus came as a baby to live the perfect life and then die the perfect death all so that He could save YOU (and me). That’s the reason we celebrate! Because as long as you have a relationship with Christ, no matter what your circumstances may be right now—YOU. ARE. SAVED. What more of a precious gift could you ever receive than that?!?! It really doesn’t get more beautiful than that.

So as I finish up some last minute shopping, and get my house cleaned for company, and food ready for parties…I’m going to make sure that I slow down and take a step back. I’m going to be thankful for my wonderful home where I can raise my two beautiful girls with my wonderful husband. I’m going to be thankful that no matter what comes my way now or in the future, Jesus came to save me. And for that, I can be forever thankful!

What is one thing you’re going to take a step back for and be thankful for this year? Let me know in the comments!

Merry Christmas friends and family,


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On the Rough Days-Let’s Rise Above Our Emotions

Yesterday was a rough day. Neither of my girls were acting like themselves. Sadie woke up from her nap at 2:00 and that’s when it all started.


Emery was wanting to eat every 1 1/2 -2 hrs and hardly sleeping but crying…or screaming…A LOT!

**She’s not normally like this at all! She’s a pretty happy baby with minimal crying. And when she does cry I can normally get her calmed down fairly quickly. Not today!

Sadie was whiny, and crying, and into EVERYTHING she wasn’t supposed to be.

**Poor thing had a very runny nose and I think her teeth were bothering her.

Brad was in training for the day and Tuesday trainings are the longest and he doesn’t get home until after the girls’ bedtime.

I yelled at Sadie, which I hate doing. I was frustrated with Emery because I didn’t know why she was crying or how to make it stop. I felt like I was going to lose my mind.

In the past, I would have let this completely melt me down and I would have started making bad decision after bad decision for myself. But instead, I packed up the girls and headed out. All I knew when we left was that we were going to get out of the house!! I think we all needed a break from it.

We ended up driving around and looking at some Christmas lights and then at Sonic. I got Sadie dinner there and myself a Diet Cherry Limeade. I was so tempted to get some ice cream but I have decided last week when I started back on the 21 Day Fix that I was only going to get one “treat” a week and I knew I didn’t want it on Tuesday. So I just stuck with a drink that still felt special. Then we headed to my grandma’s for a bit. It was nice to not be the only one in charge of them for a little while. My grandma rocked Emery when she started to fuss and my grandpa played with Sadie. I even got to run a quick errand while they watched the girls!

I’m not gonna lie…the rest of my evening didn’t get better when I got home. It was rough even after I put them down for bed for awhile. But what made the day still a good and successful day to me was the fact that I made good choices for myself all day. Instead of a glass of wine as soon as they were down for bed, I had 25 ounces of water first.

I use to use my emotions as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. I’m sure there will still be times when I do. But I am a work in progress and I will celebrate my small successes and victories. And next time my day turns into mass chaos and I’m tempted to make bad decisions, I can look back and remember that I’ve risen above once before and I can do it again.

So can you dear friend! If you made a choice that isn’t the best for you, don’t let that defeat you. Recognize it and refuse to let the rest of your actions be based off that one decision. Rise above your emotions and refuse to let them control you and your eating choices. It’s pretty empowering when you stay on track with your goals and don’t cave. Find someone to help keep you accountable to what you really desire for yourself. I promise it will help 🙂


Have a great day friends and rise above! 🙂




Challenge Groups

In between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a hectic time for all of us. There are friends and family to see and cleaning, shopping, baking, and decorating to be done. And I know at least for me this is the time of year that I normally throw out all concern with my health and nutrition and “let myself go.” Well this year is going to be different. I am going to be making time for 30 minutes of daily exercise and cleaning up what I eat and how much of it I eat.

Don’t get me wrong-I still plan on enjoying every bit of both of these holidays and the wonderful things that are baked! But this year…I’ll do it with some self-control and I’m inviting YOU to join me! Don’t wait until the new year to get started. Let’s get a head start on our health together!

During the month of December I will be having a virtual Holiday Hustle Challenge Group. This group will run from December 5-December 23.

What you can expect:

  • Beachbody workout program that fits your lifestyle, interest & needs
  • 30 Day supply of Shakeology (flavor of choice)
  • Support in nutrition
  • Weekly prizes
  • One-on-one check ins from me
  • The option to join the 5 am Club accountability group (more info available if interested).
  • Encouragement, motivation, community & accountability
  • Healthy recipes
  • Results (as long as you’re willing to commit and give it all you’ve got)

By dedicating a small amount time and effort throughout the month of December, not only only will you have the stamina to keep up with the hustle and bustle of the season, but you will have a better attitude to enjoy time with family. Are you interested in eliminating stress, working on making healthy food choices and dedicating a fragment of your day to breaking a sweat?

Apply Here

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As a coach on this team we commit to:

Encourage Others-We truly believe in the overall health of those around us and even the people that we haven’t even met. We want EVERYONE to be the best version of themselves so we are dedicated to encouraging others to do just that. We believe that we are better together and that encouragement is what pushes people to greatness.

Be Authentic-We recognize that we are works in progress. There is always room for improvement. Some days are spot on with our goals–other days we seem to fail over and over again. However, we are committed to not giving up and to being honest about our success AND failures with those around us. We will always encourage our clients to do the same thing!

Never Stop Learning-We take time to invest in ourselves day after day. Whether that is by taking time to read or listen to podcasts, we are spending intentional time investing in ourselves. We recognize that we don’t have all the answers and are dedicated to helping others find ways that best fit them when it comes to their overall health.

If this is something that interests you and want to know more, contact me today!

Apply Here

A Letter to My Firstborn Child

My dear sweet Sadie girl,

Our world is going to change very soon. In about a week you are going to get a little sister! I know that you are too little to understand what this even means but I promise, it’s going to be such a good thing. There are going to be times though that it may not seem that way to you. So I’m going to apologize for a few things in advance.


I’m sorry that we won’t have as much one on one time anymore. I have tried to do extra special things with you this past month so that you know how much I love you. I will also miss this time so incredibly much.


I’m sorry that there will be times when you want your mommy, and I just can’t come at that time because your sister may need me more in that moment. You see big girl-You are older and independent. You can are able to walk across the room to get things you want. Your sister-she depends on mommy completely! She can’t do anything by herself. So there will be times that I have to help her before I can come help you.

I’m sorry that there will be a time that we probably won’t be leaving the house much. Mommy is pretty scared of how to take two kiddos out somewhere so it will take me awhile to get there.


With as much as I’m going to miss our time together, sweet girl, I also can’t wait for your little sister to be here.

Sadie Grace–you are going to be the BEST big sister ever! I just know you are. You are kind. You are loving (so much love!!!) You are the best helper a mommy could ever ask for. You are sweet. You are strong. You are independent. You listen well. I know that you will teach her to be all of these things as well.



I’m excited to figure this new baby-mommy versus 2-family of 4 (+Ella) dynamic together. I’m excited to find ways to make all of our girl time (including your sister) special. I’m excited to find extra special ways to spend one-on-one time with you.


I pray that you will always know how loved you are my sweet girl. You made your daddy and I parents for the very first time. You will hold a special place in my heart always. You taught me patience I didn’t even know existed. You taught my what unconditional love really is. You brought me closer to God and I pray that I can do the same for you. You taught me how to be a mama and for that I will always be grateful.

I love you Sadie Grace. So much.

Love, your mommy

Our Family Update: What’s Been Going On Lately!

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve written so I have a lot to update you on! Since there is so much I’m pretty much gonna skip this intro step and jump right on in to tell you about what’s been going on lately!


I am officially 34 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. Overall I am doing really well but to be honest, my body is really starting to HURT!!! The ligaments in my lower stomach and upper legs just ache all day long and by the end of the day it’s hard to move.  Sleeping at night is the worst. Those ligaments get stiff as I sleep and just ache so bad whenever I go to rollover in the middle of the night. Other than that though, this pregnancy is going great!

I have noticed a huge change in my weight gain from my last pregnancy with Sadie to this pregnancy with Emery. I can really tell that my eating and working out have made a difference and that is so awesome to see!! Here is a picture of 2 of my maternity pictures–the left is of me at 33 weeks pregnant with Sadie and the right is me pregnant at 34 weeks with Emery. I know that there are several differences in the pictures but to me the most obvious one is my weight gain with Sadie versus Emery. Look at my face!!! I’m so proud of myself for making my health a bigger priority this time around! photogrid_1474256723003


Maternity Pictures:

My friend Jess is an amazing photographer and she took my maternity pictures last night!! She’s already given 2 sneak peaks and they are AMAZING!!!! She is truly incredible and I can’t wait to see more! She has an incredible eye for lighting. You can check out her awesome work at Jessieannphotography.com 


Photo Credit: Jessie Ann Photography http://www.jessieannphotography.com/


Photo Credit: Jessie Ann Photography http://www.jessieannphotography.com/

Church Update:

The church plant that we are a part of is going great! As a matter of fact, I was just working on putting together an agenda for our Playhouse staff  (this is what the nursery is called at The Grove Church) this morning for our upcoming meeting.

We are going to take part in Gladfest on October 1st. Gladfest is a big festival that happens every fall in Gladstone. Several of  our members got together on Saturday over the weekend and started the construction of our float that will be in the parade! They did an awesome job and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

This coming Thursday we are also getting together to start painting the construction that was built on Saturday. It’s going to look awesome!!

At Gladfest, we will also have a booth up selling our #lovegladstone t-shirts. All proceeds will be going back into our fund for our #lovegladstone projects. These are projects that we do around Gladstone to help out our community. If you want to check this out more head on over to our website!

Our Weekend:

Over the weekend Brad and I were busy with lots of projects.

Chair for Emery’s Room–My parents had an old recliner that they rocked my brother and I in when we were just babies. They gave the chair to me and Brad and I have decided to reupholster it ourselves. Sometimes I ask myself, “What the heck have we gotten ourselves into????” but other times I’m so proud of the work that we have already accomplished. This is an extremely long project but it’s coming along and I can’t wait to show off the finished project.


Here is the original chair. Sorry it’s so pixalated…the only before picture I could find was a picture on my phone that I took from the computer…definitely NOT the best quality!!

Swingset for Sadie (and eventually Emery)–Brad and I are really wanting to make our backyard a place where we love to hangout and spend time together as a family and with friends. One step into making this happen is by putting up our new swingset!! Brad got a ton of it done over the weekend but we have a slightly unlevel backyard so he needs to stop work on the swingset to level it out before moving on to the next step. I can’t wait to have it all up so that Sadie can start playing on it!! She is going to LOVE it!!!

14368791_4371595450305_7283885735994632453_n 14369924_4371595130297_738546659847152240_n

Grove Church Float–On Saturday Brad went and helped start building the float for the Gladfest parade that I mentioned above. I can’t wait to see the final product!!

Girls’ Names–I scrap-booked some wooden letters for each of our girls. I got an awesome new book of scrapbook pages at Hobby Lobby and then pulled out different sheets that went with each girl’s room color scheme. Then I traced the letters on the pages and modge podged the paper onto the letters. We got their names above each of their beds over the weekend and I am in love!

20160919_125923_001 14311448_4369059066897_4974126898733006941_o


We also got their names on their doors! This weekend was just packed FULL of things and I couldn’t be happier to start checking items off of our list.


Today I am focusing on getting caught back up with our home, my blog and my business. I have quite a few items checked off my to do list and still quite a bit left as well! I’m definitely excited to have the energy to keep on going and to get our house back in shape and ready for our sweet Emery to arrive!


Have a great Monday everyone!


Fun Friday: Play-dough and Drawing

Hey everyone! Today Sadie and I were supposed to go swimming with a friend. Well there were high chances of storms and the radar showed it was coming straight our way. So we decided to “rain check” (pun intended) and she went to work in her classroom instead. Well…as you could probably guess, it never did end up raining. Shocking right?!?! Well Sadie and I still wanted to have some fun so we (by we I really mean me) decided to start making Fridays-FUN FRIDAYS!!

FUN FRIDAYOh the adventures we'll go on together...

This heat is to unbearable to be out in but my child is OVER being inside. So today I decided to break out some of my old teaching ways and I got creative. I decided that we should make some play-dough because I have none here at the house for her to play with. The recipe I found on Pinterest ended up not working out so great and STUCK EVERYWHERE!!!!

So I decided to modify the recipe a little bit. I figured that when you are baking and things start to stick you use FLOUR….so that was my solution! And you know what….IT WORKED! Yay! 🙂

Play-dough Recipe

Seriously…this was the best! She loved it and it entertained her for almost 45 minutes!!! That is HUGE for my child who hates to sit still. (But let’s be honest…what 17 month old does like to sit still??) She loved getting to watch me mix the ingredients together and we talked about the different things that I was putting into the recipe. After it was made we created snakes and I spelled out her name and Mama. She just thought that was the best. Although, she wasn’t a fan of me playing with “her” play-dough at times. lol

20160805_103604 20160805_103614 20160805_104119(0)


Sadie also spent some time coloring. She just used my notebook and a plain black pen. I really need to find my crayons downstairs and some paper. She loves this and I know it’s so good for her. I’ve just been lazy and have slacked on searching for the right materials to make it even more fun for her.


This afternoon if it isn’t raining still and Brad isn’t exhausted from work, we may and try to hit up the pool. Now that is what I call a Fun Friday 🙂

20160805_103614 20160805_104742

What different activities do your kids love to do? I am always looking for new and simple ideas to try out with her!! Please comment below!

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