When We Fall…

This past week Sadie has started to walk consistently. She is no longer dabbling with it and trying here and there. Now if she falls down, she picks herself right back up and walks again. Crawling is very limited these days.

With all of this walking comes more falling. She is much more confident in her walking abilities but is not quite a pro at it. She is, however, a champ when it comes to falling. She hardly cries and will just make a frustrated face and get right back up to have a go at it again. My child is persistent and I love that about her! (Yes I know, that will challenge me later on as her parent but that’s okay.)

Sadie Walking

Today, my sweet girl was walking and slipped on a book she had been looking at earlier. This of course caused her to fall. Normally this would not be a problem except that in front of her was a window sill. My baby girl fell and hit her face on the window sill and there were tons of tears. My heart broke for her. I could see the pain she was in and there was nothing I could do but snuggle her in close and talk to her in a calming way telling her that I was there for her. She snuggled her little head into my chest and just let me hold and rock her and rub her back.

When she calmed down all the way, she lifted her head to smile at me and she had a slightly swollen lip and some blood. Oh. My. Goodness. My mama heart broke even more! This is the first time she has fallen and I’ve seen that kind of result from it.

Watching your child fall or get hurt is so hard. You feel so helpless. The only thing you can do is hold them tight and tell them you love them and that everything will be okay. But you know what…that’s enough. That’s what they need in those moments.

Falling is part of life. We all have done it or are maybe in the midst of it right now. In those times we all need someone to hold us, tell us they love us and that everything is going to be alright. You guys, we can all have that! God is our Father, our parent. He hates to see us fall and get hurt. It breaks His heart. BUT He is there for us to hold us tight, tell us how much He loves us and that everything is going to be okay.

In your times of pain, look to Him. He never leaves us. NEVER. He is right there waiting for you to come to Him so that He can love on you. What an amazing TRUTH that is!! We are not alone. He is there ready to embrace us. He loves us even when we forget He is there or when we push Him away.

As a parent now myself, I am learning even more about my Heavenly Father and the love that He has for me. What a great love that is! My love for my Sadie girl (and believe me, that’s a TON!!!) in no way compares to the love God has for me and for you. Now that is something to find joy in!

Have a very blessed day my friends. I hope if you’re feeling down, discouraged or hurt that you turn to Him so that He can hug you, hold you, tell you He loves you and that everything will be okay.


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