Welcome to My New Space

Over the weekend Brad and I had some really good conversations. We took the time to sit down and talk about our dreams and what we can do to reach those dreams.

I opened up with him and shared how I’m afraid to want more for this blog because I assume I’m just going to fail at it. If I know from the beginning I’m going to fail, then I don’t even want to get my hopes up and invest in it. Brad asked me some questions that got me to think about why I would fail. He mentioned that I of course will fail if I don’t even try. He encouraged me to really go for it and to start investing some money into making my blog exactly what I want it to be. I am so incredibly thankful for this man and that he believes in me so much!

Dream Quote

This weekend I downloaded an ebook from Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog. It has been incredibly helpful! I have also been asking tons of questions from my good friend Lauren at Sobremesa Stories. With the help of those two women and the encouragement and help from my husband, I have decided to really make this blog a space that I love!

Changes I Have Already Made

  • I have bought my own domain and you will now find me at Fellowship and Lattes (www.fellowshipandlattes.com). I am so excited to have my very own space!
  • I have also changed the look of it. I am still in the process of turning it into exactly what I want, so bear with me.
  • I have created a Pinterest account for my blog and you can find that here: Fellowship and Lattes Pinterest.
  • I have also created a Facebook page that you can find here: Fellowship and Lattes Facebook Page.

Changes I Want To Make

  • I want to update my about me page and make it something wonderful where you can really connect with me and get to know me.
  • I want to get an Instagram account up and running specifically for Fellowship and Lattes.
  • I want to work on creating some more posts with different categories and themes.
  • I want to set up a schedule of sorts for myself in order to blog as much as I would like while still taking care of things around my house and being the best mom I can be.

This will be my only post this week as I work on the items I mentioned above. Please check out my new space and let me know what you like/dislike. I can use all the help I can get! I hope to see you all next week as I come back more ready than ever! Have a great week friends!



  1. Lauren English says:

    This looks so good, Kylie! I love the new design (how cute is that rustic wood?) and the pink and green accent colors are so cute. Love love love! So proud of you for jumping into this and running after it!

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