7+ Uses For Google Drive

Are you looking for ways to declutter some of your space? Do you need a place to keep everything important to you but don’t know where that could be? Would you like to be able to access all of your important information from just about anywhere? Check out why I love Google Drive and how I use it!

7+ Uses for Google Drive

Reasons Why I Love My Google Drive:

-I can access it from anywhere! As long as I am logged into my own personal Google account, I can access my drive on any type of device. From our tablet, to my phone, to our laptop and our desktop. I can access it from my mom’s ipad/computer when I’m at her house even. Seriously, anywhere! This is so great!

-I can share whatever I’ve created with anyone else who has a Google account. This was incredibly helpful when I taught 4th grade. I would create things and share them with my students and vice versa. Also, my teammates and I would create documents and share them with each other. It is also great for my family because I can share things with Brad and have him look it over from wherever he may be, even if he is at work. For a while he lived in NC while I lived in MO. Google became my best friend in keeping in contact with him. (Google Hangouts) Best. Thing. Ever.

-There are so many things that you can do! You can create spreadsheets (similar to Excel), presentations (similar to Powerpoint), and documents (similar to Word). The one I personally use most frequently for my house and own personal use is Google Docs.


How I Use My Google Drive:

-Recipe Book

-Address Book


-Our Church-the Grove

-Weekly Meal Plans

-Sadie Stuff

-Our Home Stuff

Recipe Book

The other day I opened the cabinet that holds my cookbooks and my binder full of papers and index cards with recipes. Stuff started to fall out at me because it was such a hot mess! That was when I decided it was time to clean things up a bit. I of course kept my cook books and love using recipes out of them, but I also finds tons of recipes that I love on Pinterest, my mom and other places. So I decided to clean things up a bit. I created a folder called Recipe Book on my Google Drive and began to type up all of those paper recipes. In this folder I have created more folders that allow me to organize my recipes into categories. I have appetizers, main dishes, soups, desserts, etc. It is so easy to find any recipe I want now and my cabinet looks so nice and neat!

Address Book

I feel like people are always moving and I can never seem to find my address book when I actually need it. So I decided to create a Google Doc that held all of the address’ that I will need. I can easily change an address out if someone moves. I can easily add people without any problems and I can access this from anywhere! Perfect!


I try to create blog posts before I actually post them. This helps me stay organized and then I’m not rushing around trying to write a post half heartedly. So I have a folder called Blogging. In this folder I have created categories that I would like to add to my blog one day. In those categories, I have created Docs that have the posts that I would like to publish. This has been so helpful in setting me up for success with my blog!

Our Church-the Grove

We are part of a church plant called the Grove. This has been an amazing process that I see God continually working through. I’ll write about all of that at some point! Well, I’m the director of our nursery there and it’s called the Playhouse. Anything that I create goes into that folder. Creating it on my Google Drive allows me to share it with the other lead teachers for the Playhouse. They can make changes as they see fit or make comments off to the side that we can all see. We can also access this from our phones as we need to while we are at church. Often, I pull it up to look at the schedule to let volunteers know when they are working next.

Weekly Meal Plans

Every Sunday night, I try to sit down and create a list of our dinners for the week. This helps us not eat out as much and keeps me accountable to our family and our budget. On the page I have a table that lays out the days of the week and what we will be having for dinner every night that week. Underneath the table, I copy and paste from my Recipe Book folder the recipes that I will need. This makes everything SO EASY when it comes to dinner. I stay on track and we don’t go out to eat nearly as often as we did before!

Sadie Stuff/Our Home Stuff

These folders just hold random documents that I create for myself or our home. I have recently decided that I want to be more productive with my time so I have created a House Upkeep Schedule. This is located in my Home folder. I also keep our Address Book document in this folder.

In Sadie’s folder I created a document that had the addresses for everyone we are going to invite to her 1st birthday. This helped me so much when it came to addressing the envelopes this morning. It made it quick and easy! Another item I have in her folder is a bunch of pictures from my baby shower. My friend took the pictures and shared them with me via Google Drive. Genious! I am sure there will be so many more things to add to this folder as she continues to grow.


Google Drive is a wonderful thing once you figure out how to use it. I was definitely hesitant towards it at the beginning but have really come to love it and everything that it has to offer. If you are needing help with setting anything up or have questions on how to use it, I would love to help you out (if I can)!! 🙂

What are some ways that you use it? Is there something that I am missing out on? I would love for you to share what ways you find Google Drive most helpful! I’m always looking to learn something new.


  1. Jess says:

    You are welcome to come clean up my desktop and organize my files anytime. This has been on my todo list for 6+ months but I just can’t seem to sit down and do it.

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