Real Talk: Today was a Hard Day, Until…

I’m not gonna lie, today did not have the best start to it for my Sadie girl and I. She just really wasn’t in the mood to listen to ANYTHING  I had to say. If I told her no, she would stop for a second and then do it all over again. ALL. MORNING. LONG. Today started as a very hard day.

Seriously….I was OVER IT!!!!

Thankfully God gave me the idea to just get out of the house. Sometimes this comes easier to me than other times. Some days, if I can’t get anyone to go with me or meet me somewhere, I just won’t go. Today I never once even felt like that was an option. As soon as the idea to get out of the house came to my mind, I knew it was God prompting me.


So I went ahead and sent out a text to some friends to see if they would like to join Sadie and I at the library but they were busy doing other things. Today, I refused to let that stop me. I got us dressed and off we went. This was the BEST decision for us. She had a wonderful time watching the other kids play and doing some playing of her own. Observing others is really probably her favorite part though. After awhile the other kids started to leave but we chose to stay. Our library has an outdoor fenced in patio and she was showing some interest in going outside. We haven’t been doing a lot of that lately around here because it is HOT AND HUMID!!! But…today the patio looked mostly shaded and there was a breeze so I decided, why not?!

Outside we went. I got to sit in an Adirondack chair while she wandered the patio and played with chalk. We were the only ones out there so I didn’t have to constantly get up to make sure she was playing nice and sharing. I just got to sit and enjoy watching her play and use her brain as she came up with new things to do with just chalk and some Adirondack chairs.

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I truly do love getting to just watch her play. Her imagination and thoughts are already so great and I know they will continue to get better and better.

I was thankful for this time because it gave me a chance to just watch her without any distractions that I normally have at home. I got to appreciate her independence without the lack of patience that I feel like I’ve had lately. My frustrations were gone from this morning and I could just sit back and ENJOY my little girl.

20160722_113745 20160722_114957

It just became even more clear to me that this was a gift from God. An idea that led me to a better day. We finished off our morning with a quick trip to Target for some Starbucks (a HUGE thank you to my brother and sister-in-law for that awesome gift) and the dollar section where I got Sadie a light up ball for just a dollar (got to love cheap entertainment!).

We came home, both of us in a MUCH better mood, and ate some lunch and then Sadie went down for a nap. I hadn’t had my quiet time yet today so I knew I needed to use her nap time to really get that in for myself. Well, I just finished the study I was doing yesterday but God gave me the idea to start it over. I have a mom’s bible study that meets at my house once a week and we are doing this study. I decided I didn’t want to start something new while doing this but maybe I should go BACK through it and see what I learn this time around. So I opened up my journal and did Week 1 Day 1. I loved doing it through my journal because it allowed me the space to process some of my thoughts and write out prayers. This study is called Looking for Lovely by Annie F. Downs. I LOVE everything about this study. Seriously…it really challenges me.

Today I took the time to find peace in God again and look for the lovely things around me. I want my perspective to change. I want to stop just going through life with blinders on and just trying to reach the end and I want to start looking around me as I move forward. I want to notice the amazing things God is doing around me.

So here is my list of Lovely things today. My #lookingforlovely list:

-a library with toys and activities for Sadie

-the dollar section at Target

-places to go that cost little to no money but get Sadie and I out of the house

-Sadie laying her head on my chest on the way inside after our trip (she fell asleep on the way home)

-a date night with Brad tonight, just the two of us (long overdue!!!)

-a shaded place to play outside that didn’t feel so hot (thank you breeze!!)

-nap times that give me time for myself to rest and connect with my heavenly father

-friends and family I can turn to for prayers

-the idea to keep doing this study but through my journal instead of the workbook


Friends, look for the lovely around you today. Don’t let Satan steal your joy. Find the things that God is placing in front of you and around you and focus on those. This day doesn’t have to be one that you wish away. You still have a chance to turn it around and make it a great day!



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    Hey Kylie,

    I noticed your pictures were turned sideways in this post when I look on my laptop. I had the same problem (except mine turned sideways when using the mobile version) and when I added the Image Rotation Repair plug-in it automatically fixed whatever the problem was with my iPhone photos. Hope this helps, I tried a couple and that plug-in gave me the results I needed.
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