Fun Friday: Play-dough and Drawing

Hey everyone! Today Sadie and I were supposed to go swimming with a friend. Well there were high chances of storms and the radar showed it was coming straight our way. So we decided to “rain check” (pun intended) and she went to work in her classroom instead. Well…as you could probably guess, it never did end up raining. Shocking right?!?! Well Sadie and I still wanted to have some fun so we (by we I really mean me) decided to start making Fridays-FUN FRIDAYS!!

FUN FRIDAYOh the adventures we'll go on together...

This heat is to unbearable to be out in but my child is OVER being inside. So today I decided to break out some of my old teaching ways and I got creative. I decided that we should make some play-dough because I have none here at the house for her to play with. The recipe I found on Pinterest ended up not working out so great and STUCK EVERYWHERE!!!!

So I decided to modify the recipe a little bit. I figured that when you are baking and things start to stick you use FLOUR….so that was my solution! And you know what….IT WORKED! Yay! 🙂

Play-dough Recipe

Seriously…this was the best! She loved it and it entertained her for almost 45 minutes!!! That is HUGE for my child who hates to sit still. (But let’s be honest…what 17 month old does like to sit still??) She loved getting to watch me mix the ingredients together and we talked about the different things that I was putting into the recipe. After it was made we created snakes and I spelled out her name and Mama. She just thought that was the best. Although, she wasn’t a fan of me playing with “her” play-dough at times. lol

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Sadie also spent some time coloring. She just used my notebook and a plain black pen. I really need to find my crayons downstairs and some paper. She loves this and I know it’s so good for her. I’ve just been lazy and have slacked on searching for the right materials to make it even more fun for her.


This afternoon if it isn’t raining still and Brad isn’t exhausted from work, we may and try to hit up the pool. Now that is what I call a Fun Friday 🙂

20160805_103614 20160805_104742

What different activities do your kids love to do? I am always looking for new and simple ideas to try out with her!! Please comment below!

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  1. Kaili says:

    That looks fun! I mowed the grass while kids played on their riding toys this morning and watched a movie before nap. We’re supposed to have a work pool party but who knows if swimming will actually take place 😉

  2. Courtney J. says:

    Lily loves bubbles!! We play will bubbles a lot. They have helped when we just want to have fun, if she is having a melt down, and sometimes if she is a little all over the place, it helps to calm her down.

    We also play with different textures and different lengths of ribbons stuffed in a tissue box. She pulls them out, puts them back in and spreads them out all over there floor. This entertains her and I get to talk to her about colors, lengths, sizes and more while she’s having fun.

  3. Destiny says:

    We made play dough the other day. This recipe had cream of tartar in it I was really skeptical at first but it works great. I even found out it doesn’t stick to carpet! Or at least it came right up when Scarlett thought it would be funny to run off with it and stomp on it! ? I will have to send the pin to you when I find it!

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