A Letter to My Firstborn Child

My dear sweet Sadie girl,

Our world is going to change very soon. In about a week you are going to get a little sister! I know that you are too little to understand what this even means but I promise, it’s going to be such a good thing. There are going to be times though that it may not seem that way to you. So I’m going to apologize for a few things in advance.


I’m sorry that we won’t have as much one on one time anymore. I have tried to do extra special things with you this past month so that you know how much I love you. I will also miss this time so incredibly much.


I’m sorry that there will be times when you want your mommy, and I just can’t come at that time because your sister may need me more in that moment. You see big girl-You are older and independent. You can are able to walk across the room to get things you want. Your sister-she depends on mommy completely! She can’t do anything by herself. So there will be times that I have to help her before I can come help you.

I’m sorry that there will be a time that we probably won’t be leaving the house much. Mommy is pretty scared of how to take two kiddos out somewhere so it will take me awhile to get there.


With as much as I’m going to miss our time together, sweet girl, I also can’t wait for your little sister to be here.

Sadie Grace–you are going to be the BEST big sister ever! I just know you are. You are kind. You are loving (so much love!!!) You are the best helper a mommy could ever ask for. You are sweet. You are strong. You are independent. You listen well. I know that you will teach her to be all of these things as well.



I’m excited to figure this new baby-mommy versus 2-family of 4 (+Ella) dynamic together. I’m excited to find ways to make all of our girl time (including your sister) special. I’m excited to find extra special ways to spend one-on-one time with you.


I pray that you will always know how loved you are my sweet girl. You made your daddy and I parents for the very first time. You will hold a special place in my heart always. You taught me patience I didn’t even know existed. You taught my what unconditional love really is. You brought me closer to God and I pray that I can do the same for you. You taught me how to be a mama and for that I will always be grateful.

I love you Sadie Grace. So much.

Love, your mommy

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