On the Rough Days-Let’s Rise Above Our Emotions

Yesterday was a rough day. Neither of my girls were acting like themselves. Sadie woke up from her nap at 2:00 and that’s when it all started.


Emery was wanting to eat every 1 1/2 -2 hrs and hardly sleeping but crying…or screaming…A LOT!

**She’s not normally like this at all! She’s a pretty happy baby with minimal crying. And when she does cry I can normally get her calmed down fairly quickly. Not today!

Sadie was whiny, and crying, and into EVERYTHING she wasn’t supposed to be.

**Poor thing had a very runny nose and I think her teeth were bothering her.

Brad was in training for the day and Tuesday trainings are the longest and he doesn’t get home until after the girls’ bedtime.

I yelled at Sadie, which I hate doing. I was frustrated with Emery because I didn’t know why she was crying or how to make it stop. I felt like I was going to lose my mind.

In the past, I would have let this completely melt me down and I would have started making bad decision after bad decision for myself. But instead, I packed up the girls and headed out. All I knew when we left was that we were going to get out of the house!! I think we all needed a break from it.

We ended up driving around and looking at some Christmas lights and then at Sonic. I got Sadie dinner there and myself a Diet Cherry Limeade. I was so tempted to get some ice cream but I have decided last week when I started back on the 21 Day Fix that I was only going to get one “treat” a week and I knew I didn’t want it on Tuesday. So I just stuck with a drink that still felt special. Then we headed to my grandma’s for a bit. It was nice to not be the only one in charge of them for a little while. My grandma rocked Emery when she started to fuss and my grandpa played with Sadie. I even got to run a quick errand while they watched the girls!

I’m not gonna lie…the rest of my evening didn’t get better when I got home. It was rough even after I put them down for bed for awhile. But what made the day still a good and successful day to me was the fact that I made good choices for myself all day. Instead of a glass of wine as soon as they were down for bed, I had 25 ounces of water first.

I use to use my emotions as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. I’m sure there will still be times when I do. But I am a work in progress and I will celebrate my small successes and victories. And next time my day turns into mass chaos and I’m tempted to make bad decisions, I can look back and remember that I’ve risen above once before and I can do it again.

So can you dear friend! If you made a choice that isn’t the best for you, don’t let that defeat you. Recognize it and refuse to let the rest of your actions be based off that one decision. Rise above your emotions and refuse to let them control you and your eating choices. It’s pretty empowering when you stay on track with your goals and don’t cave. Find someone to help keep you accountable to what you really desire for yourself. I promise it will help 🙂


Have a great day friends and rise above! 🙂




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