Tis the Season to be….Thankful

Wait….what?! Doesn’t the song go, “Tis the season to be jolly…???” Why yes it does, but you know this season isn’t always jolly for everyone.

This time of year can be beautiful for many but can also be oh so hard for others. Maybe it’s a combination of both for you this year. This season many of us are celebrating without loved ones-whether they have passed away, are serving, we’ve lost touch, the adoption hasn’t gone through yet, or whatever it may be for you. Others may be struggling financially or emotionally due to present circumstances. Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean that everything is all of a sudden wonderful for everyone.

This year I want to challenge you to view this season as a season to be thankful. Whatever your circumstances may be, I ask that you take a step back and look at all of the good in your life. I promise if you look hard enough, you will find it. I want you to step back and think of the people around you. Maybe you know what they are going through, maybe you don’t. Is there something that you could do for them? Maybe make them some cookies or a cute craft. Or could you run an errand for them or help shovel their driveway?


Often times, when I can step away from my own circumstances and start looking at others and what I can do for them, it’s actually a blessing for me as well. I have the chance to serve someone else and get out of my own mind and what my circumstances are. When I stop and try to put someone else before me, I notice that I start seeing my circumstances through different eyes. I actually realize the ways in which I’m blessed and I start be more thankful than any other feeling. Are the other feelings still there? YES. Did my circumstances change? Probably not. What did change then do you ask?….My perception of the situation.

I want you to step back and think about WHY this holiday is even here. Do you know the true meaning and reason behind Christmas? Jesus came as a baby to live the perfect life and then die the perfect death all so that He could save YOU (and me). That’s the reason we celebrate! Because as long as you have a relationship with Christ, no matter what your circumstances may be right now—YOU. ARE. SAVED. What more of a precious gift could you ever receive than that?!?! It really doesn’t get more beautiful than that.

So as I finish up some last minute shopping, and get my house cleaned for company, and food ready for parties…I’m going to make sure that I slow down and take a step back. I’m going to be thankful for my wonderful home where I can raise my two beautiful girls with my wonderful husband. I’m going to be thankful that no matter what comes my way now or in the future, Jesus came to save me. And for that, I can be forever thankful!

What is one thing you’re going to take a step back for and be thankful for this year? Let me know in the comments!

Merry Christmas friends and family,


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