Choosing Real

Choosing Real

By: Bekah Jane Pogue

This book has been such a great read for me. It has provided nourishment for my soul when I needed to take a step back. It has brought me back to reality and how “real” is so much better. I just finished this book today during nap time. I’m so incredibly thankful that my girls went down for naps within 20 minutes of each other. I had told several people that I just don’t want to do this “mom thing” today. Most days being a mom is seriously everything that I want. But there is that .1% of the time that it just overwhelms me and I don’t want to. I feel so childish typing that out but it’s the truth. Please tell me I’m not alone in that?!


Something that I read today that really hit me was, “What’s more important: getting through it or living in it?” Bam. That hit me strong-especially today! Today I was just barely getting through it. That is NOT how I want to live my life. I don’t want to live day to day just getting through. What kind of life is that?? I want to LIVE IN the moments of every day. They may not go like I had “planned” but who cares?! (well I normally do but it’s something I’m working on 😉 ). I want to really live life. I want to enjoy the moments that I get with my girls.

One of the chapters talks about epic moments. They are the moments that may not come to your mind right away. They are the every day moments.

  • Sitting down at Sadie’s play table and pretending to eat her Play-doh concoctions with her.
  • Putting everything down to turn up the music and have a dance party with Sadie in the living room or kitchen.
  • Having Sadie read me a book while I’m going to the bathroom because that’s what I do when she’s trying to potty.
  • Putting everything down during Sadie’s nap to talk and coo with Emery.
  • Picking up the toys in the evening and doing the dishes so that I can wake up to a clean home in the mornings.
  • Watching tv while Brad falls asleep on the couch next to me.
  • Cooking dinner with Brad in the evenings as Sadie tries to climb up us to “help”.

These are the moments that I want to live IN and not through. I don’t want to miss out on these small moments. These are the moments that my girls will grow up remembering the most. These are the moments that I am going to hold the most dear as they get older.


Bekah Pogue also says in the book, “And today, most likely, will overflow with ordinary moments. What it won’t hold is another chance to celebrate it, to dance into its fabulous averageness, to grab your babes and whisk them around the kitchen, to look into the eyes of a spouse who knows you through and through and whisper, “I’d choose you again. Even when it’s hard.”‘

So I encourage you today to live IN the moments. Dance into the fabulous averageness! Don’t wish this season/stage/chapter away. Live IN it. Soak in the moments. LOVE the people around you. Let them know you care about them. Stop focusing on what isn’t going right and start focusing on how wonderful these moments truly are! 

I love you friends-Choose Real!

xo kylie


*PS. I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone!! I will say there was a chapter that I skipped altogether because it was not holding my attention but oh my goodness, such a good book!

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