Sample Meal Plan

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post. I have been busy trying to figure out what works best for me schedule wise with two little ones at home now and running my awesome challenge groups/learning new things through videos/books/blogs for professional development. I do want to start getting on here more consistently though, so you can start looking for me again!

Today I’m hopping on here to share my meal plan for the week with you all. I’ve found that one of the biggest reasons for not eating better is simply not knowing what to eat. So I’m here to help in any way needed!

Copy of Meal Plan

Here is the link that will take you to a viewing only image of my weekly meal plan. You will find in the upper left hand corner the calorie bracket that this is for. This meal plan is also based on the 21 Day Fix meal plan B. I have provided my snacks as well as meals + the containers that each food would count for.

Is there something specific that you’re looking for and would like some help with? Let me know and I’d be happy to write on the topic or help you individually. If you’re interested in joining one of my challenge groups where we share recipes and meal plans weekly-contact me for more info on that! Have a great day everyone 🙂

xo kylie


Update: Blog and Health/Fitness Journey

A little while ago now I wrote a post about how I tend to be a quitter. I start things and the moment they get hard, I give up. I stop trying. I don’t like feeling like I’m failing so I give up or sometimes I don’t even start things that I want to do because I just don’t know exactly how it’s gonna work out. But isn’t that what life is all about?…not knowing what tomorrow holds…giving it your all TODAY. I committed to keeping up with my health/fitness and my blog in that post (make sure to go check it out if you haven’t already). So here is a little update…


I haven’t posted twice a week like I originally would have liked, BUT I also shared that I wanted to post when I felt like I had something to say and NOT just because I felt like I had to. That was what got me stopped for 4 months to begin with. So far, I have kept up with posting when I feel like there is something that I want to share. I have also kept up with keeping my Facebook page up to date. There are times that I don’t feel like writing an entire post but I do want to write a small something. So, if you don’t follow me on Facebook, you might want to check that out 🙂

I truly love this blog and the purpose behind why it was created (you can read about that here). I love getting to share with you and be real. I love going to read other people’s blogs and read about their lives-the beautiful and the messy. It helps me know that I’m not alone, and neither are you!


Last July I was at the Iowa Balloon Festival in Indianola, IA. My father-in-law announces the different balloons and the whole experience is just so neat! This was Sadie’s first time seeing all of the different balloons and it was extremely hot but we were having a great time. We of course took pictures (I want to remember these things) and as I was looking back at some of the pictures I was very unhappy with how I looked and how I felt. I was 5 months postpartum and I felt like I was struggling. I follow a blog called Mommy’s Me Time. The post for that day was Amber’s story of why she started the 21 Day Fix. Her reasons fit me to a T. I felt like this could be my answer to feeling better about myself.

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Brad and I had a long discussion over what the 21 Day Fix was and would I really be committed to doing it. I agreed that it’s something I struggle with (notice this is a recurring thing for me) but I was desperate to just feel better about myself. He said if I committed to sticking with it for one whole round-which is only 21 days-then he was perfectly fine with spending the money. You guys, this was the BEST money I’ve spent in a long time!!

I kept up with the workouts until about mid-January when I hurt my back. I was giving it a break (because I didn’t want to push it and hurt myself worse) when I found out that I was pregnant. The morning sickness and overall feeling crappy that sometimes comes with the first trimester kept me from getting back into it. Once the second trimester rolled around I started some sort of workout routine for myself that included walking and swimming. Once this crazy hot weather showed up, the walking came to a halt but I have invested in the PiYo workout from Beachbody which is AMAZING for this pregnant lady!! The stretching is a good workout for me and is doing wonders for my ligaments and muscles that seem to be getting tight these days.


My progress from the first day of starting the 21 Day Fix in August of 2015 to the beginning of January 2016.

The eating part is always the biggest struggle for me. I have a friend who is a Beachbody coach is truly inspiring! I love the encouragement she gives and how real and open she is. She’s not afraid to share the hard with you while encouraging you to push past it to see the beautiful that’s right around the corner. If you are wanting some encouragement as well, I’d highly recommend finding her on Facebook by searching for @mollymcginleyfitness. She has a virtual bootcamp that starts next Monday. I’m using this opportunity as an extra way to keep me accountable with my workouts and more specifically with my eating. I’m actually so excited that I have really started trying to make changes this week.

I have a long journey ahead of me but I know it’s going to be worth it!! I’m going to keep sharing my health and fitness story with you here and in smaller excerpts on my Facebook page. I’m determined to finish out this pregnancy strong for the health of Emery and myself and to have a jump start for my postpartum recovery. I really want to honor the body that God has given me. I want to be the best version of myself for God, myself, Brad and our kids. Honestly, I know this is going to be a game changer for me and I’m REFUSING to let anything stop me for good. I will continue to set goals for myself and I will continue to reach them.


26 weeks pregnant and recommitting to drinking Shakeology daily and doing PiYo workouts every day. It’s already impacting myself and Sadie and that is HUGE to me!!


Make sure to keep checking in and see how my journey goes. Maybe you’ll decide to make some life changing decisions for yourself along the way. You never know how God can use something 🙂

Thank you for being people that I can be accountable too. Accountability is crucial for me and I’m so glad you are here on this journey with me! Have a great day friends!