Fellowship Wellness


Fellowship Wellness is a team of coaches who are committed and dedicated to being the best version of themselves. Often times life gets busy and we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. Well this team of wellness coaches has decided that we are done being put on the back burner of our own lives. We have all realized that if we aren’t investing in ourselves–our families, friends, co-workers, etc.-they will all miss out on the real us. WE miss out on the real us. So this team of coaches has said, “Enough is enough.”

At Fellowship Wellness we dedicate part of every single day to ourselves. We realize that we can’t be there for the people in our lives the way that we would like and that they need if we aren’t taking this time.  We realize that we are a work in progress (always will be) but we want to do everything we can to be the best version of ourselves.


Fellowship-We believe that we are better together rather than alone. We believe that accountability and encouragement are the keys to success and that we need each other to reach our goals. We believe that encouragement can go a LONG way and none of us know where we would be without the people in our lives who encourage us daily. Fellowship is crucial to our lives and we want to create an environment where people feel seen, heard, loved and encouraged daily. We want to invite people in to have fellowship with us and with others.

Wellness-Wellness was chosen instead of fitness for a very specific reason. Fitness, to me, just focuses on physical strength. There is so much more to our health than just our outward appearance. Health is an overall aspect of our lives that includes our minds, emotions and bodies-NOT just one of those areas. The word wellness encompasses just that! We are dedicated to being wholly healthy and fostering an environment where others can be as well.


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